The wonders of Rossano Bizantina

The wonders of Rossano Bizantina

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A visit among the Byzantine beauties, and not only, of Rossano. The numerous artistic and architectural testimonies, as well as the important political and cultural role played over the centuries, gave it the nickname of “Ravenna of the south”.

Our visit begins at the Amarelli liquorice company with the “Giorgio Amarelli” Museum attached.

The Museum has been awarded the Guggenheim Prize Enterprise of Culture, Special Prize “Il Sole 24 Ore” and is the second most visited industrial museum in Italy. Inside you will breathe the history of a family business handed down from the eighteenth century until today. At the end we will continue towards the historical centre of Rossano.

Our walk will take us to admire the beauty of this imposing village full of history. Right from the start you will realize its beauty. Walking among the many noble buildings, we arrive in Piazza Steri, the nerve centre of the cultural and social life of the city even today.

We will go up a little higher and visit theChurch of San Bernardino and its homonymous palace, seat of many events during the year. Strolling through its cloister you can feel the history that has its roots in past centuries.

From here, the walk will take us in front of Palazzo Martucci, one of the most significant noble palaces and from the square in front we can enjoy a spectacular and unique view of the ancient village. Our visit will culminate in the Cathedral-Sanctuary containing the Byzantine icon of the Madonna Achiropita . Following, entrance to the Diocesan Museum and the Codex to admire the precious evangelary: the PURPUREO CODEX.

The oldest illustrated manuscript in the world is a UNESCO Memory of the World. It is a sixth-century evangelary with painted figures among the earliest depictions of Christ.

At the end of the visit you can immerse yourself in the flavors of the Rossanese tradition with a typical aperitif in a historic place which collects the excellence of the territory in a single point of refreshment.

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