Welcome to Crotone: the city of Pythagoras

Welcome to Crotone: the city of Pythagoras

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Crotone has always been known for its strong ties with Pythagoras.

It was here that the philosopher decided to move from Greece and found his school, in fact Greek colonists from Acacia founded it in the seventh century BC. . It then became a Polis and was one of the most important centres of Magna Graecia.

We will visit the historical centre where there are important testimonies brought to light by various excavations and many objects are now preserved in the Archaeological Museum. We will have the opportunity to admire the many noble palaces, churches and the famous Castle of Charles V, a Spanish fortress built in the sixteenth century with functions mainly logistical and military.

Do not miss, in the old part of town, a visit to the Cathedral and the church of the Immaculate.

At the end, we will continue to the promontory of Capo Colonna, where stands the only surviving column of the ancient temple of Hera Lacinia. The new museum exhibits votive objects, fragments of architectural decorations in marble and terracotta, and fragments of sculptures from the famous sanctuary, all dating back to the Archaic Age.

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    Bus G.T. Luxury

    Guided tour of Crotone

    Entrance to the National Archaeological Museum

    Entrance to the Capo Colonna Museum

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    The visit takes place all year round on Monday afternoon and takes place with a minimum of 15 participants.

    Participation costs:

    • Adults € 64.00
    • Children € 47.00

    To participate in the visit, fill in the information request form on the page.

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