The ancient rites of transhumance: tradition and folklore

The ancient rites of transhumance: tradition and folklore

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What is transhumance

Transhumance is a very ancient rite that has been handed down from one generation to the next and that consists in the seasonal movement of livestock.

The herdsmen, together with dogs and horses, accompany the cows from the sea area to the mountains of Sila in the summer, and then return in autumn. A unique rite full of tradition and folklore.


Meeting at 5.30 a.m. with the herdsmen in the locality of Stranges on the Trionto River, a very important site from a historical point of view because it was here that the final battle between ancient Crotone and ancient Sibari took place in 510 BC. From here, from the bed of this imposing river, one of the largest in Europe, we will leave together with the herdsmen and the Podolica cows for the Silano Plateau. The podolica is a breed prized for its high quality meat.

Along the way you can admire the typical villages of Presila. At about 12.00 p.m. you will arrive in Longobucco and you will be able to eat together with the breeders enjoying a typical lunch of transhumance..

Short visit to the historical centre and departure for Monte Paléparto. From here on, nature will offer unique and unspoiled landscapes: beech forests, pine forests and a rich and varied vegetation.

Along the way will open unique views of the Ionian Sea. After about 4 hours we will stop to prepare the camp for the night. The tents will be set up together with the herdsmen and, during the dinner around the fire, you will listen to the ancient stories of this tradition full of folklore. The night in the tent, under the summer starry sky, will offer unique emotions.

The next day will start early in the morning at a time of the plateau for our last stage. Larch pines, streams and lakes will accompany the walk.

After about 4 hours we will reach the immense clearings of the Sila where the herds will remain for 6 months. Typical lunch at the farm. The experience just lived will end with great celebration, music and dancing.

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    Visit of the town of Longobucco

    Dinner with typical local dishes

    One night in a tent

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    The transhumance takes place only on 19 JUNE and takes place with a minimum of 4 reservations i.

    The departure time and meeting place will be communicated the day before the date.


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